18 décembre 2017


Nous faisons la Une (enfin presque) de la Newsletter 2017 du TCV !
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28 décembre 2015

Saison des voeux

A commencer par ceux du TCV illustrés par une jolie carte
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19 novembre 2015

Message de Nyima, notre correspondante du TCV

  I would like to confirm the safe deposit of your money transfer a sum of Euro 570 on dated October 16, 2015. ...I am devastated to read the news and see photos of the attacks in Paris. What I see on news is very saddening. My heart goes to all the victims, their families and to humanity.Terrorism is really creating a peaceful country looks very scary. As I pray for the victims and pay my solidarity to Paris, I hope the message of unity and hoping to see the end of these killings once and for all.Hope you are fine there. Take... [Lire la suite]
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